"Once upon a starry night...

I stayed up ALL night polishing that stylesheet for a set of metro-looking buttons..."

CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons helps you easily re-create those stylish buttons used by Microsoft on their websites.

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Version 1.2 ยท See Project on Github

Say hello to CSS3 Microsoft Modern Buttons

A light-weight and easy-to-use CSS/JS library that uses CSS3 styles for rich button design.

Created from a need.

Created from a personal itch to form a simple CSS/JS library inspired from Microsoft's Modern Design principles.

Highly encouraged for sharing.

Free to use for any projects you have in mind, although it would be nice if you gave credit.

Cross-browser compatible.

Cross-browser compatibile from IE8, to the latest version of Chrome, and Firefox so you don't have to spend countless minutes on testing.

Works on top of Bootstrap.

Carefully made to work with the Twitter Bootstrap CSS/HTML framework versions 2.0 and above.