10-Weekend UI Challenge

My wife constantly does some personal challenges for herself to improve on her craft. So I also made a personal challenge to myself: For the next 10 weekends (Friday-Saturday, whichever day I have spare time), I take on a small project.

  • Create a simple, web-based user interface, one for each weekend, for the next 10 weekends.
  • Using HTML/CSS/JS, build on top of other frameworks or just plain from scratch.
  • Pick one interesting interface I personally love and recreate it with as minimal, well-written code as possible.
  • Personally learn deeply about building interfaces with the most minimal code.

Weekend 1: Bootstrap Login Example

View here

It’s based on the current Bootstrap example, given additional styles. I turned it into a card. On top of this, with a few minor tweaks, I recreated the tumblr Login form.

View here

9 more weeks to go!