Timezone-related Features on some applications

There’s the timezone of the computer of the client, the timezone the user made his input into (app level), the timezone of his account settings (app level), and the timezone of your server, which hopefully is synced with the timezone of your database.

Speeding up Rails Views and Design Decisions

At work, we recently encountered 2 very slow pages, both of them revolved around loading a list of accounts in HAML (around +2000). One page was loading them into a table and using jQuery DataTables to turn the table into an interactive interface. The other page was loading those accounts in a select tag and using Select2 to make them easily searchable.

you see how the shadows at the end of the borders

You see how the shadows at the end of the borders in each photo? See how the shadowed-border seems to disappear towards the end? I’ve seen that many times as a neat design trick to produce such a skeuomorphic effect, it’s usually done in photoshop and served as an image.

What are some good certifications for a junior developer?

Are there any skill-building programs or certifications out there that you could recommend to a developer at the very beginning of his (post-bootcamp) career? Something that could ideally be done in addition to a part-time or full-time job? Thank you