Making a home

Recently I’ve been looking at “house and lot” real estate around the Metro. At most, the figure floating in our heads is around 8M-9M PHP. To loan that amount to a bank and to pay it off for 20 years I have to:

  • Have Annual 2.4M PHP Income (Around 160k PHP Monthly Income)
  • Pay 48,500 PHP in 20 years

That’s a big number to hit, and to be honest, I get overwhelmed by it.

But I am reminded of one thing:

Aiming to “build a house” between “making a home” are two different things.

Keeping that in mind, strive to make happy memories instead of zoning out for the next 5-10 years trying to make more money.

Anxiously waiting to hit your financial goals, looking forward to pay days and stressing out to make more money will not “make a home”. The only memories you’ll imprint on your wife and children will be of a man who always arrived home thinking of business and cash.

“Building a house” is only part of “making a home”, not the other way around. Ask God to help you balance the emotions out, you don’t even need to ask Him for money. Have faith, He basically got your back already.

He already got you married right?