10 Week UI Challenge: Week 3 - iOS 7 Lock Screen

Last week I tackled on building the Windows 8 Modal from scratch, this week I’m doing a take on one a favorite interface: the iOS 7 lock screen. Depending on jQuery, Google Fonts, momentJS and Font Awesome. I whipped up a short piece of code to replicate it.

Code and demo can be found here

Following Jonathan Ive’s revamp of Apple’s Design system, favoring minimal vs skeumorphic.

The lock screen, even for the 1st iPhones, were revolutionary in a mass market sense. Surely, the techonology capable of doing this was already available way before the iPhone hit the market, but the product alone (along with the iPod) helped spur the need for pleasurably usable interfaces since Apple gained market share.

Things I learned:

  • Animations via CSS keyframes ;)
  • Got to use my knowledge of transitions and transforms

7 weeks to go!