Filemailup: Share files from your email

So I built Filemailup.

Open up your email account, and make an email, attach your files, and send your email to

You would get an email reply from Filemailup with a link to a web page where you can get and share your files to people. If you wrote something in the subject and wrote something in the email, that would be displayed too. After 24 hours, that page gets deleted, because frankly you won’t need it anymore if you’re sending it by email anyway.

No account signups, no installing, no website to visit for uploading, no storage limits, everything is managed from your email.


  • Google Drive, Dropbox and other companies are doing this already, I simply wanted to do something personal for myself and my wife that doesn’t include: account signups, installing software for uploading/syncing, and websites to visit for uploading. She just wanted everything managed from her email.

  • Me and my wife, we still do a huge chunk of file sharing and transfer via email attachments.

  • There’s a lot of other file sharing services out there, I built this one for sharing works in progress, file transfers for printing, and etc. These files are disposable files, though she keeps them in her local computer for record but she doesn’t put them in her Dropbox account for sharing, it’ll take up too much space.

  • For final products (large hi-Res photos/files) she transfers it via Dropbox, but most of the time the clients ask for their photos in CD/USB hard-drive transfers since reliable internet is still a problem in the Philippines. After transferring finished work, she reminds them that its going to be deleted in her Dropbox after some time.

  • For any non-techy person to constantly manage free cloud services (habits to form, quota, cleaning it up, syncing, etc.), it’s too much of a hassle.

  • She just wants to transfer and share files, that’s it.

Coming from years working with the .NET platform, I’m constantly learning about the stack we use at Orchestrack. It’s part of my mental exercise not to get stagnant at my work and to learn more about properly building and deploying software using Grails and Linux-based Servers. And I’m learning a lot:

  • URL shortening by Bijection: kind of like how shortens URLs
  • Outgoing and Inbound mail server configurations, via HTTP POST to services, NOT using SMTP.
  • Continually learning and study static compilation
  • Personally played around with Nginx.
  • I’m really loving Jetty-Runner + Nginx instead of using Apache Tomcat.
  • lots lots more